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Jason Helland - Wasting Taxpayer Money

Services that will deeply affect the safety of Grundy County Citizens will be cut...

This has not stopped Jason Helland from wasting our taxpayer dollars.
Look at the Record

Jason Helland’s Record of Wasting Taxpayer’s Money

Paid for by Taxpayers
Numerous out-of-state trips in the last 4 years to Las Vegas, California, New Orleans, Washington, Maryland
Attended nearly 30 conferences and seminars in the last 4 years
Reimbursement for mileage for driving around attending meetings.
Driving his “Campaign Squad Car”?
Tens of thousands of dollars paid to private law firms to do work for the Grundy County State’s Attorney’s Office.
Spent tens of thousands of dollars remodeling the State’s Attorney’s Office, while the county courthouse waited for a much needed wheel-chair ramp.
Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent for radio ads.
Almost $1 Million in salary and benefits to Jason Helland—making him one of the highest paid politicians in the County. But he doesn't show up to do the job he is paid so much to do.
Jason Helland—Taking Advantage of Grundy County Taxpayers
Sponsored by: Grundy County families for a better community