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Jason Helland - Soft on Crime

Below are just some of the criminals that Jason Heland has let off the hook.

William Tatum
Arrested and charged with 6 counts of Child Pornography.
Victim was a 9 year old child, thousands of photos and videos of extremely explicit child pornography found. A decade of collections of many children were found.
PLEA DEAL with Jason Helland Grundy County State’s Attorney
5 CHARGES DROPPED, 3 years in prison with 243 days in Grundy County jail credit.
DOC records show this HARD CORE CHILD PREDATOR reported to prison in February 2016 and is scheduled for release in November 2016. Not even an entire year in prison. Home in time for Christmas!
Gregory Mangrum
Charged with Intent to Deliver Heroin a Class 1 felony and Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Class 4 felony.
30 bags of heroin, 13.1 grams, outside of Morris High School and Goold Park
PLEA DEAL with Jason Helland Grundy County State’s Attorney
Class 1 Felony - CHARGE DROPPED, Plead Guilty to Class 4 Felony
72 days in jail, 30 months’ probation

Matthew Duering
Charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, 30 bags of heroin, driving under the influence of drugs and possession of 21 hypodermic syringes.
PLEA DEAL unknown - Jason Helland, Grundy County State's Attorney had the file sealed which prevents the public from knowing the outcome.
Chris Connell
Charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery for threatening to kill a female family member by banging her head into the ground, choking and holding a knife to her throat.
Connell has been charged several times with felonies, misdemeanors and violating orders of protection over the past 10 years for violent behavior.
PLEA DEAL with Jason Helland Grundy County State’s Attorney—30 months’ probation and an apology. No jail time.
Greg DeWitt
Charged with Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding after a high-speed chase with speeds of up to 80 MPH, a class 4 felony. Also, charged with DUI, Improper Lane Usage, Speeding 35plus over, and Transportation of Alcohol.
PLEA DEAL with Jason Helland Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding Class 4 felony…CHARGES DROPPED. Improper Lane Usage, Speeding Over 35 mph ALL DROPPED.  DUI, 168 days in jail and 2 years conditional discharge.
Steven Ellis
Charged in 5 separate cases with Home Repair Fraud and Theft.
Also, had similar charges in Will, Livingston and Kendall counties.
PLEA DEAL 4 years in DOC to run concurrent with his terms sentenced in other the other counties. Not one more day served for Grundy County crimes.
In Will & Livingston counties, Ellis was sentenced to 6 years in DOC.

Home Trashed
Minooka Family Returns to Find Home and Vehicles “Trashed” by teenagers who for several days used the family home for parties of sex and drugs.

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Jason Helland, Grundy States Attorney's refused to file charges and stated

(Source: Official Grundy County Circuit Clerk Records; Grundy County News Sources)

Can Grundy County Really Afford Another 4 years of Jason Helland?

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