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Jason Helland… Chasing Headlines instead of Criminals


Cold-Case Murder File
Nicole Bowers
- 17 year old murder victim.
For more than a year Jason Helland has been baiting the victim's family and the public into believing that any day there would be an indictment in this 16 year old cold case. In his last interview in January with Fox News, it was stated that Helland was running for re-election this year. If there was evidence, why not indict now without the media campaign for over a year?

This brings using victims for political gain to a whole new low.


Misleading Headlines
What Jason Helland didn’t tell you is that his office dismissed one of these cases and in another the defendants were found not guilty. He loves talking about these cases, but didn’t do the hard work to get the convictions.
With Jason Helland you need to look beyond the headlines for the true story.


Using your tax dollars to promote on radio
Jason Helland has spent thousands of our taxpayer dollars on radio ads meant to promote his name to boost his political prospects. This is money that should go to fighting crime.
Using public funds to self promote on billboards
Jason Helland uses organizations which receive taxpayer dollars to purchase billboards for self promotion. Again, these dollars should be better spent fighting crime.

Jason Helland - Loving the Headlines!

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