Soft on Crime

Criminals' Best Friend

Broken Promises

Absentee State’s Attorney

Wasting Taxpayer Money

Vacation Jason

No Accountability

Abuse of Power

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Jason Helland… Grundy County's Criminals' Best Friend


Not Endorsed by Local Police
All of us who care about public safety should take notice when our incumbent State's Attorney is NOT endorsed by our local police. Sounds like a Vote of No Confidence. These are the men and women who each day risk their lives to protect the Citizens of Grundy County. Every stop – regardless of how routine it may seem—is a risk and they need a State’s Attorney who respects their work and doesn’t let drug dealers and other dangerous criminals off the hook.


But Endorsed by Wealthy Defense Law Firms
Criminal defense lawyers and their clients are directly benefiting from the good deals handed out by Jason Helland. That's why they are pouring thousands of dollars into his re-election campaign. That's why they are endorsing him for re-election.
You can’t blame them… they are just doing their job, the one they are being paid big bucks to do.

Jason Helland, the Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Choice.

(Source: Re-elect Jason Helland Mailing; Illinois State Board of Elections)

Is there any question why Criminal Defense Attorney Firms Endorse Jason Helland
for Grundy County State’s Attorney?

Sponsored by: Grundy County families for a better community