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Criminals' Best Friend

Broken Promises

Absentee State’s Attorney

Wasting Taxpayer Money

Vacation Jason

No Accountability

Abuse of Power

Chasing Headlines


No Accountability

Jason Helland –Accountable to No One?

Jason Helland has complete authority over

which cases are charged
which cases get dismissed
which cases get reduced
which cases get a plea deal

Yet, Jason Helland blames the police officers, he blames the judges—when in fact—the only person who is responsible for his miserable record of prosecuting crime is Jason Helland.
Jason Helland does not submit annual reports to the Grundy County Board like other elected officials. Jason Helland has complete authority over his spending and activities and reports these activities to no one.
Jason Helland should be held accountable!


No one is holding Jason Helland Accountable

It's Election time

Citizens of Grundy County
Cast your Vote and
Hold Jason Helland Accountable

Jason Helland—You may not realize it but you do answer to the Citizens of Grundy County

Sponsored by: Grundy County families for a better community