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Abuse of Power - The Bully

Grundy County State's Attorney Threatens Dog Owner

Grundy County
Animal Control Report


Grundy County State’s Attorney Threatens Dog Owner

While out campaigning, Jason Helland entered uninvited onto a dog owner’s private property. While reaching for the door, Helland was bitten by the homeowner’s family dog.
This is Helland’s reaction and response as stated in the Grundy County Animal Control official bite report— the threats made by Jason Helland.....

"Threaten owner with lawsuit to take everything he owns, to have his dog killed, and told him no lawyer in Grundy would help him because they know victim.” [Note: The victim is Jason Helland in this statement]

When Jason Helland is the victim, the rules change!

(Source: Grundy County Animal Control Bite Report)

Grundy County State's Attorney Attacks Motorist

(Source: Jason Helland Facebook)

Property damage car accident -

While driving with his family, Helland was hit by another vehicle - Helland chased after the car and FORCIBLY removed the driver.

The Police could not do this!
A citizen could not do this!

Helland then charged the driver of the vehicle with 11 felony cases; even though he routinely lets drug dealers and other violent criminals off the hook!

State's Attorney the victim - Conflict of interest.

When Jason Helland is the Victim the charges pile on —
— is this treatment the same for other victims' of crimes???
See below for the charges that were filed by the Grundy county State's Attorney
when he was a personal victim — 11 Felony Counts.

(Source: GC Circit Clerk)

Campaign "Billboard Squad" Car

Campaign car parked in elected official taxpayer paid parking spot.
Routinely parks his Campaign car within 100 feet of Polling Places — UNFAIR advantage from a person oficially charged with upholding the campaign law.

Imitating a police officer with this vehicle?
Jason Helland gives voters the impression that he is a police officer in an official police vehicle, when he is NOT and the car is essentially a campaign billboard on a squad car. To make matters worse, he even bills Grundy County taxpayers for mileage reimbursement when he drives his "Squad Car" to county meetings.

United States Attorney's Office
Northern District of Illinois,
Eastern Division
219 S. Dearborn St., 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312) 353-5300
Jason Helland may be above the law in Grundy County, but we live in the United States Of America. If you have been wrongly treated by the Grundy County State's Attorney and think you have no one to lodge a complaint to, then call the US Attorney's Office in Chicago, IL. Jason Helland may think he is above the law, but that is only true if people keep silent.
Jason Helland - Above the Law
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