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Jason Helland—Grundy County’s Absentee State’s Attorney

Grundy County has had an Absentee top prosecutor—the Grundy County State’s Attorney—for the past 4 years.

While our community faces crises like the heroin epidemic, the Grundy County State’s Attorney - who is supposed to protect us - almost never shows up in court.
Jason Helland is among the highest paid Grundy County politicians, but he has the worst attendance record.

There are two main functions of the State’s Attorney

1. To prosecute all crimes in Grundy County
2. To represent and advise the County Officials including the County Board Members

Jason Helland has failed miserably at both!

(Sources: Grundy County Circuit Clerk Files
Grundy County Board & Commitetee Meeting Minutes, Videos
Grundy County Treasurer Files)

Could you keep your job if this were your attendance and performance record at your job?

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