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and Here's Why...

As Grundy County families – Republicans and Democrats alike – we are concerned that State’s Attorney Jason Helland’s lack of commitment to fighting serious crime and very poor judgment is making our community less safe.

Many of us had high hopes when he was elected, he promised to prosecute cases himself and keep the community engaged and informed.  But, like many politicians, he’s let us down.  He has appeared in less than 5% of felony cases - felonies are the most serious crimes in our community and the ones that demand a hands-on approach.  He simply hasn’t been there.

The list of criminals he has let off the hook is downright shocking.  We know it’s easier for Jason Helland to give these criminals – including serious drug dealers - a slap on the wrist than to come to court and prosecute them properly.  But this poor work ethic makes our community less safe.

We are also concerned that Jason Helland has raised thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from criminal defense lawyers whose clients benefit from his soft on crime approach; he even touts endorsements from the law firms who make their living getting criminals off the hook.  This conflict of interest may explain his behavior but it does not excuse it.  Not when our families’ safety is at stake.

Please look through our website and learn why we are so disappointed in State’s Attorney Jason Helland.

Grundy County Families stand against Jason Helland
because he does not stand up for us
Sponsored by: Grundy County families for a better community